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Nizhoni Medicine’s mission is to foster root cause healing, focus on improving the mind, body & spirit, while improving our patients quality of life by providing an exclusive patient care experience. Health Care that is specifically designed for you, because every individual is different.


Our center offers integrative functional medicine, holistic and traditional treatment, naturopathic medicine, new research, and cutting-edge therapies to help you feel your best. We offer direct primary care, specialized testing, STAT lab work, non-emergency urgent care, and medical therapies for all of your wellness needs.

 Do you ever feel unheard when you go to your doctor? Do you feel uncertain about your treatments, medication, and procedures that are being pushed on you? Unfortunately, we have seen this time after time. As dedicated health care professionals, our job is to educate you about your body, symptoms/diagnosis while you giving you options to optimize your health.


At Nizhoni Medicine, We focus on healing the entire person and not just the symptoms. As a naturopathic clinic, we use a wide range of tools and healing therapeutics grounded in the core principles of naturopathy. We structure our naturopathic treatments to work in harmony with the immune system and utilize the power of nature.

Intravenous Therapy Scottsdale AZ


IV Therapy is available by convenient concierge, by appointment or first come first served walk-in basis. We offer a wide range of IV therapy for all walks of wellness.



Experience a doctor that actually listens to you. As we work together to better your health, our team provides an unforgettable visit and an individualized treatment plan that heals the mind, body and spirit to balance your health.

Urgent Care Clinic Scottsdale AZ

Urgent Care

Reliable and prompt non-emergency urgent care for the whole family. Skip the wait at the hospital during flu season and get treatment FAST.

Diagnostic Testing Service Scottsdale AZ


We offer STAT, diagnostic, and specialized labs available through our own in house lab.

IV Ozone Therapy Scottsdale AZ


Unlock the potential of ozone therapy for natural healing and improved well-being – give it a try and experience the revitalizing effects today.

Meet Our Providers

Sarah Teodorski, NMD, Physician at Nizhoni Medicine

Sarah Teodorski, NMD

Naturopathic Physician

Chrishauna Lacy, RN, Concierge Medicine at Nizhoni Medicine

Chrishauna Lacy, RN

Concierge Medicine

Conditions We Treat

Headache & Migraine Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Headache & Migraine

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Scottsdale AZ

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Non-emergency Urgent Care Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Non-emergency Urgent Care

Infectious Disease Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Infectious Disease

Medical Weight Loss Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Medical Weight Loss

Chronic Pain Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Chronic Pain

Mold Illness Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Mold Illness

Anxiety Treatment Scottsdale AZ


Exhaustion & Burn Out Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Exhaustion & Burn Out

GI dysfunction Treatment Scottsdale AZ

GI dysfunction

Autoimmune Disorders Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Autoimmune Disorders


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Environmental Toxin Exposure Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Environmental Toxin Exposure

COVID Treatment Scottsdale AZ


Routine & Specialized Blood Work Scottsdale AZ

Routine & Specialized Blood Work

Physical Exams with EKG Scottsdale AZ

Physical Exams with EKG

Addiction Treatment Scottsdale AZ


Lyme Disease Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Lyme Disease


Patient Testimonials

vickie sprague
vickie sprague
Sarah was professional, friendly and attentive during my visit.
Alisa La Liberte
Alisa La Liberte
Everyone in this office is amazing! The space is neat and clean, and I am excited about all the new services coming in the new year.
noor saied
noor saied
I had such a wonderful experience at Nizohni. The entire staff is phenomenal. This was the first medical experience where I truly felt cared for and truly treated
Andrea Dobkin
Andrea Dobkin
What an amazing experience! Dr Mitchell is a great diagnostician - I felt heard and cared for unlike previous practices that I have seen. Their holistic approach to medicine has offered me new options that I hadn’t considered before.
Wendy Torres
Wendy Torres
Paul Despres' hands are amazing. I went in for a massage and ended up getting a combine cupping and massage session. First time trying cuppin and it brings out a whole new experience, I will definitely be going back and getting the same combo :)
Kai Le
Kai Le
Highly recommended for integrative medicine!
Jay Please
Jay Please
Dr Mitchell is very well educated in pharmaceutical and naturopath studies. He has saved our families’ health more than once through correct diagnosis and targeted healthy regimens. The office staff is very friendly and eager to find the route causes. This is our go-to physician for any sickness.
Dean James
Dean James
Dr.Mitchell provided me exactly what I needed, and I was sick for a long time, a month or so trying to defeat this sickness and when I received the medication that I needed, from Dr. Mitchell I got well quickly. Thank you Dr.Mitchell.

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