Dr. Kenneth Mitchell Lyme Protocol

Dr. Kenneth Mitchell Lyme Disease Protocol

Treatment Overview

Although a quick search online suggests that a two-week course of antibiotics is enough to be rid of Lyme disease, it’s unfortunately not so simple. Remember that the disease morphs and attacks the body in three ways, so all three must to be addressed simultaneously and with the right support in order to facilitate recovery. Biofilms that shield the Lyme, shifting co-infections, and built-in resistance to antimicrobials require a different strategy than used for common infections. Our doctors follow a combination approach that incorporates both allopathic and naturopathic treatment modalities, and is involved at every step along the way to help you receive the support needed in clearing the Lyme with its co-infections while helping restore your health.

Dr. Mitchell’s Lyme Disease Protocol 7 Phases

Step one is to determine the state of a person’s underlying terrain such as environmental toxicity, infection load, co-infections at-play, immune system functioning, genetic polymorphisms, and so forth. We believe every patient with Lyme disease is unique and every patient requires an individualized treatment plan. No two plans are the same.

Phase 1

Initiate detoxification/depuration supports while re-establishing the foundation of health

Phase 2

Upregulate mitochondrial function, cellular repair, and optimize immune system function

Phase 3

Stimulate lymphatic system and support gut microbiome

Phase 4

Address secondary viral, fungal, and/or parasitic loads

Phase 5

Start antibacterials for Borrelia and co-infections which includes herbal medicines and antibiotics

Phase 6

Start Disulfiram and additional supports

Phase 7

Post-Disulfiram cellular repair and maintain remission