Order Labs

Nizhoni Functional Medicine is partnering with Wellproz to offer online ordering of Vibrant America lab kits. It is available to all current and prospective patients.

It is a simple and confidential way of having the kits mailed directly to you, so you can get your results within a few weeks.

Order ANY Vibrant America test online at ANY time! 

Ask yourself: 

Do you or someone you love need to be tested for Lyme disease and co-infections?

Are you looking for answers no without waiting to see your current PCP?

Are you having trouble finding diagnostic testing for your condition?

Have you or someone you love been exposed to mold mycotoxins? 

How to Order Labs

Step 1 - Order Your Lab Kit Online Yourself
Find the right lab test for you on WellProz and submit your order.
Your kit will be shipped directly to you.*
Here are some we offer:

Tickborne Testing Gut Zoomer Wheat Zoomer Food Sensitivity Testing
Neural Zoomer Plus Mycotoxin Testing Total Tox Burden including Heavy Metals and Mycotoxins Organic Acids Test (OAT)


Step 2 - Sample Collection and Mail In
If your kit requires a urine or stool sample, you can do this yourself.
If your kit requires a blood sample, schedule your blood draw through Vibrant America or call our office to schedule a blood draw.

Step 3 - Schedule Appointment With Our Doctors
Our clinic will call you when your lab results are finalized and to schedule you for an in-person or telemedicine appointment. At your appointment one of our doctors will discuss the results, gather information regarding your health, and recommend an individualized treatment plan.


*Please Note: The kit cost is for the kit itself and doesn't include cost of blood draw or doctor appointment to discuss the results.