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We Offer In House Blood Draw and Processing For Standard and Specialty Lab Tests

We offer lab testing through LabCorp, Sonora Quest, Vibrant America, Doctor’s Data, Mosaic, R.E.D Labs, Microbiology Dx, Great Plains, Cyrex Labs, MyMyco, Parasitology Inc, Infecto Lab and Galleri.

General labs include thyroid panel, complete metabolic panel, complete blood count, kidney function, liver function, lipids (cholesterol), inflmmation markers, diabetes, heart health and more…

Specialty labs include genetic testing with custom formulated nutrients, cancer screening, parasites, food sensitivity testing, mycotoxins (mold), Lyme disease and co-infections, inflammation markers, pathogen testing, stool testing for gut microbiome and dysbiosis, environmental toxins and heavy metals.

Rapid testing is available for influenza and strep.

STAT blood testing is available for urgent care with results in 4-6 hours; CBC, CMP, D dimer, Ferritin, Iron, TIBC, CRP, quant, hs-CRP, and Troponin.

In office EKG screening for cardiac clearance (sports, surgery, ect.) or abnormalities.

Nizhoni Functional Medicine provides blood drawing and processing for a service charge of $67.00 per draw and $37.50 per nasal swab collection. We provide numbing agents for pediatric patients to ensure the best possible comfort level for your child. Get your lab work completed while in the office without any hassles.


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