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Planning For Your First Visit With Our Licensed Natural Medicine Doctor in Paradise Valley, AZ

Nizhoni Functional Medicine is open to new patients from the Paradise Valley, AZ, area who are interested in becoming active in their own health management and treatment. As a functional medicine center, we have two exceptional Naturopathic Physicians on staff to work with patients to tailor both treatments and preventative medicine practices for optimal health and wellness.

Many of our patients are new to working with a holistic naturopathic doctor and are interested in knowing what to expect, particularly with their first appointment. New patients can schedule an appointment to meet their specific needs, which can include one, two, or three hours, depending on the specific requirements.

We see all patients by appointment only. This allows you to experience the time you need with the natural path doctor near me in Paradise Valley, AZ. Our staff can answer questions by phone or through our contact form to ensure you are comfortable and informed as to what to expect.

Customized Medical and Wellness Services

One of the many benefits of working with a licensed natural medicine doctor is the holistic, integrated approach to health and wellness. We focus on identifying and treating the underlying issues causing the symptoms, providing a comprehensive, customized, and complete treatment plan. This may include making lifestyle changes that enhance the patient’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health as part of overall wellness.
In addition to treating chronic and acute medical conditions, a naturopathic physician also focuses on prevention and well-being to avoid illnesses and health conditions, which is a proactive way to maintain your health and extend longevity.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about your first visit with a licensed natural medicine doctor at Nizhoni Functional Medicine, call us today at 602.441.3455.

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