About Dr. Teodorski

Naturopathic Physician in Scottsdale, AZ

Sarah Teodorski, NMD

About Dr. Teodorski

Dr. Teodorski was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, a small town with access to one of the Great Lakes. 

She first learned about Naturopathic Medicine while in high school researching alternative medical schools. Dr. Teodorski has always found herself interested in herbal medicine, essential oils, and other complementary alternative medicine such as chiropractic and

acupuncture. The more she researched and discovered the Naturopathic Principles such as

addressing the root cause it struck a chord with her and she never looked back. Many of her close family members were let down by allopathic medicine, whether that be via pharmacy or simply not being heard during a visit. She felt there was a better way to practice safe medicine and receive better results. So, she pursued a dream of moving out of her hometown and becoming a Naturopathic Medical Doctor after attaining her undergraduate degree in biology from Penn State University.

The patient population Dr. Teodorski is most interested in serving is dynamic. Since starting work at Nizhoni Functional Medicine, she’s come to enjoy working with the pediatric population and is open to working with all ages and genders.

Dr. Teodorski looks forward to learning more while working with patients and studying from Dr. Ken Mitchell about Lyme Disease, other co-infections, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In her free times, she finds herself enjoying time with her husband and their 2 cats, getting out in nature, brewing homemade tea, and playing video games.


Fun & Amazing Fact about Dr. Teodorski: 

She is the first person in her family to go to college and graduate school.