Integrative Medicine

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Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medicine services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

Nizhoni Functional Medicine works hard to combine the best parts of conventional and naturopathic medicine to produce remarkable results for your health and wellness. Our medical uses integrative medicine to treat various injuries, illnesses, and symptoms. See what integrative medicine and its benefits can do for you by scheduling an appointment over the phone or booking online today.

Integrative Medicine Q&A

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a unique medical approach that combines conventional forms of medicine with  naturopathic and functional medicine modalities. Conventional medicine is probably what you think of first when it comes to medical care. It frequently involves pharmaceuticals and surgery.

Our team at Nizhoni Functional Medicine evaluates you with an in-depth examination and talks with you about your symptoms and concerns. We then develop an individualized, integrative treatment plan for your specific illness(es). 

Who can benefit from integrative medicine?

We've seen integrative medicine as a useful approach in treating both acute and chronic illnesses. 

Nizhoni Functional Medicine routinely uses integrative medicine to treat:

  • Acute COVID-19
  • Long COVID-19
  • Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections
  • Mold illness
  • Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS)
  • Gastrointestinal problems (IBS), IBD, small intestine bacterial overgrowth)
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Musculoskeletal injuries

You can also take an integrative medicine approach to anti-aging and other wellness goals that have nothing to do with a disease or injury.  

Which strategies does integrative medicine include?

Integrative medicine can take a lot of different forms. Your care plan at Nizhoni Functional Medicine often includes more than one type of treatment. With careful lab testing, our team will provide an accurate diagnosis and will continue to evaluate your condition over time. 

An integrative medicine treatment plan may include: 

  • IV therapy
  • Nutraceutical supplementation
  • Chinese medicine and acupuncture
  • Botanical medicine
  • Depuration and detoxificaiton therapy
  • Physical medicine such as massage, low level laser therapy
  • Heavy metal chelation therapy

Some of our treatments happen in the office, but we also provide you instructions on how to care for yourself and improve your health at home. 

Find out more about integrative medicine and what it entails by calling Nizhoni Functional Medicine or booking an appointment online today.